The Prepper’s Workbook

A comprehensive step-by-step workbook of checklists and DIY projects that prepare you and your family for any life-threatening catastrophe.

The Prepper's Workbook: Checklists, Worksheets, and Home Projects to Protect Your Family from Any Disaster

The Prepper’s Workbook
By Scott B. Williams and Scott Finazzo
Ulysses Press
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Book Description: 

A comprehensive step-by-step workbook of checklists and DIY projects that prepare you and your family for any life-threatening catastropheHurricane, earthquake, pandemic, terror attack, solar flare, riot or civil unrest: any of these can disrupt modern life and only a few prepared citizens are able to ride out such disasters in safety. The Prepper’s Workbook lays out exactly how to plan, prepare and survive any disaster, taking you from the ranks of the unaware to the confident few who can weather any storm. The book’s one-of a-kind, hands-on format allows you to breakdown each aspect of prepping into simple, manageable steps that won’t consume excessive free time or money. Since every individual and family is different, this workbook provides a fill-in-the-blank assessment to help each reader tailor preps to their specific needs based on fitness or handicaps, skills and knowledge and geographic location. Each project can be tackled piece by piece on weekends and the skill-building exercises and drills can be incorporated into fun family outings. Topics include evaluating and building food stores, personal and home security, preparing vehicles for an evacuation and acquiring medical supplies to treat injuries and illness in the absence of outside help.


I’ve been concern about preparedness since Y2K. Everyone thought I was nuts, but if anything had happened, I would have been ready.  I did not regret one bit that I was prepared for something, though it never happened.  The same is true for natural disasters.  With all the hurricanes, floods, fires, and other natural disasters occurring with such frequency today, I think it is prudent to be ready to protect your family in a time of crisis.

I consider this book THE book for anyone interested in preparing themselves and their families for the unexpected. It was a joy to read a book on this subject without the scare tactics of a zombie invasion or the world ending due to this or that. It is solid advice without any political, environmental, or otherwise unseen forces attempting to destroy us. This is THE book to give to family and friends that will not have them shaking their heads even before they get past the title. It is a workbook, so there are worksheets you can use or copy and use.  It definitely will help you stay organized. This is certainly not the end-all, be-all book but instead is a book that will give you a great base to build on. There is an excellent appendix that includes other places you can look for more information.  While it is true much of this information can be found on the Internet for free, this book is such a timesaver.  Save yourself the effort of filtering out the noise, spend the money on the book and you’ll have what you need to get you started all in one place.

~Reviewed by Rosie B.

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