Empty Nest: Marci Seither

Getting ready to launch your kids to the next stage of life? Like it or not, this transition is inevitable – a natural changing of seasons.

"Empty Nest" by Marci Seither

Empty Nest: Marci Seither
By Marci Seither
Nazarene Publishing
Kindle Price $9.99
Paperback Price: $14.07

Book Description: 

‘All of a sudden, the nest is empty. The birds have gone, and what had been a constant blur of activity is now nothing more than a few discarded feathers. Silence mutes all that was colorful and it is time to reestablish our significant place in an ever-changing world.’ Getting ready to launch your kids to the next stage of life? Like it or not, this transition is inevitable- a natural changing of seasons. With wit and insight, author Marci Seither will give you a spiritual perspective and the practical tips you need to thrive in the midst of change. Through the practical insights found in Empty Nest parents will learn how to help younger children cope as they miss their older siblings and discover how to help their children succeed as they transition to their next phase of life. Whether their child is leaving for college, the military, or returning to live at home, Empty Nest will help them approach this season of life with confidence.


This book was extremely helpful and insightful as the author lays out simple strategies for making the transition from having a full house to one that is without children. The author lays out plan for this transition while your kids are years from flying the coop.  The best thing I gleaned from it was not to rush into anything new just because the children have all left the home. Take the time to figure out what you should be doing, think about what you’re good at and most of all pray through the whole process! Using advice from parents and launched children, Seither provides real world perspective.

~Reviewed by Missy K.

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