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Vintage Trailer Style

Vintage Trailer Style is a visual voyage through the world of retro trailers, exploring both the exterior and interior design of these classic icons.

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The Guidebook of Canadian Coins

This is the “Red Book” of Canadian coins, a new reference authored by expert numismatist James Haxby.

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Behind the Brooch

The focus of this book is on the side of the brooch that usually isn’t noticed: the reverse.

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American Gold and Platinum Eagles

The U.S. Mint’s hugely popular American Gold Eagle and American Platinum Eagle coins are collected by numismatists, stockpiled by investors, and treasured by precious-metal buyers throughout the United States and around the world.

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Buffalo Coins: America’s Favorite

The American bison, popularly nicknamed the buffalo, is a part of our national history, romance, lore, and legend. In their day bison roamed the plains by the millions.

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