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Empty Nest: Marci Seither

Getting ready to launch your kids to the next stage of life? Like it or not, this transition is inevitable – a natural changing of seasons.

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You are More Than You Know

Moving from a fear-based life to faith-based freedom is a journey that takes time and courage.

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Living the Quaker Way

In Living the Quaker Way, Gulley shows how Quaker values provide real solutions to many of our most pressing contemporary challenges.

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The Seven Decisions: Understanding the Keys to Personal Success

The consistent application of the Seven Decisions brings about what can only be called miracles: What was once labeled “impossible” actualizes.  Opportunities that once eluded you are now attracted to you.  Dysfunctional relationships transform into harmonious ones.  Life, which was once a struggle, now becomes an exciting adventure!

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Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Audio Library (Financial Peace University) [Audio CD]

Within the first 90 days of Dave’s most popular class, the average family pays off $5,300 in debt and saves $2,700. These nine lessons will teach you to get out of debt the same way you learned to walk-one step at a time.

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Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

It’s never too late to raise grateful kids. Get ready to cultivate a spirit of genuine appreciation and create a Jesus-centered home in which your kids don’t just say―but mean!―“thank you” for everything they have.

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